Red & Black Swirl

Red & Black Swirl is a suspended sculpture that will run ten hours on a single winding.  This was filmed in the Chaney Gallery at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, MD.  Rick Malmgren's pottery can be seen in the background.  Music:  Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

Black Background

This was video taped with low ambient light from one window on a grey-snowy-winter day.

​Notice that the yellow acrylic appears green with the black background.


Transparent fluorescent red, orange, and yellow acrylic produces our most colorful sculpture. Besides the obvious colors, the edges glow with minimal light and the colors mix as they pass over each other.  Colored shadows are also produced.  Mesmerizer is wall mounted, and it will run nine hours per spring winding.


Snagged is an unusual sculpture in that it is constructed with eight fishing rods and eight lures.  With the addition of fishing lines, the lures get snagged. In our sculpture, the lures are held in their proper positions by snags. Snagged is wall mounted, and it will run six hours per winding.

 My Turn to Reflect

My Turn to Reflect​ is a kinetic sculpture that is suspended by a single monofilament line from the ceiling or some other overhead support.   It has two geometric structures rotating in opposite directions.  Each rotating structure is constructed from acrylic.  Their rotation results in an intriguing movement that presents an ever changing pattern of light reflecting surfaces to the observer.  In addition to the movement, the sculpture has a pleasant clicking/clacking sound and creates wonderful shadows.

​It has many features of a clock, such as:  a constant force spring is the power source (this type of spring is used in wind up clocks) and an escapement regulates the rotational movement (escapements are used in grandfather clocks).  One of the rotating structures acts as the pendulum releasing the escapement when the sculpture needs another rotational boost from the spring.

​My Turn to Reflect was Best in Show in the Art League Gallery located in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA in April 2016.

 It was also Best in Show in the Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery 2016 Fall Membership Show.

 This sculpture was instrumental in my receiving First Place in the Kinetic Art Organization (KOA) International Symposium and Exhibition held February 3-5, 2017 in Boynton, Florida​.

Black Background

White Background

Kinetic Sculpture Artist

Larry Fransen

My turn to Reflect will run six hours per spring winding.  It was filmed in Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, MD.  Gallery noise is present in the background.

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung is an elegant sculpture constructed from aluminum rod.  The aluminum rods are formed in the shape of flower petals. The flower springs to life with the release of an escapement allowing the spring to transfer rotational energy to the petals.  Spring has Sprung is wall mounted, and it will run nine hours per winding.

Before Legos

I had a Gilbert Erector Set when I was a child.  I had a lot of fun building ferris wheels, boats, planes, etc.  So - it was great fun to return to my youth and build a kinetic sculpture out of what now is an antique toy.  I hope you enjoy viewing this sculpture.​​  Before Legos is wall mounted, and it will run thirteen hours per winding.

White Background